Sun Todo IDD Tawag Card

Sun has just offered their lowest mobile IDD rate with the Sun Todo IDD Tawag Card. Prepaid subscribers can now call their love ones abroad for as low as P2 per minute!

This offer allows you to call US, Canada, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Hawaii and Guam for the lowest rate of P2 per minute using any of Sun's re-paid SIM. If you are calling other international destinations like Australia, South Korea, TAiwan, Malaysia and many other countries, you will just be charged with 5 pesos per minute only.

In other counties like Japan and Italy, you are going to pay only 8 pesos per minute and 10 pesos per minute in Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK, Bahrain and Kuwait. The Sun Todo IDD Tawag cards are available in 300, 100 and 50 pesos denomination and you can avail the same with their electronic load XpressLoad.

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